Roberto Schena

all images from the series SP 67, la strada della Tramontana Scura

ROBERTO SCHENA spent three years to cover the 13 kilometers of the road called la strada della Tramontana Scura (the road of the Dark North Wind) from Apparizione, a fraction on the borderline of Genoa, to Calcinara in Italy.
The result is a collection of pictures featuring diverse landscapes shot through rain, fog, and dusk depicting a timeless and mysterious rural world. The road appears blurred, empty and slippery, leaving the viewer with few clues and very disoriented.
Genoans don’t call it SP67, but its commongly addressed as “Mt. Fasce’s road”. People living in districts like Marassi, San Fruttuoso, Borgoratti o Strurla, hanged in there for sure in some periods of their life, others still do. You can probably find similar roads in other cities’ suburbs, and that’s what i liked about it. Propose a sort of microcosm that people can relate to, perhaps in their memories or imagination. – ROBERTO SCHENA for Dead Porcupine
Additionally a map of the territory allows those who do not know the area to have a geographical reference for their imagination. And good news: SP 67: la strada della Tramontana Scura is the first monograph by Italian photographer ROBERTO SCHENA and is available via his website



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