Angela Strassheim

Evidence No 2, 2009
archival pigment print, 46 x 58 inches

American photographer ANGELA STRASSHEIM also goes to the sites of real crimes, in her case homes in which violent acts and murders have taken place at some point in the past.

Through extensive researchs, ANGELA has mapped out the exact locations where violent and horrific crimes were perpetrated. She convinced new owners and tenants to revisit the unnoticed and unseen past. Ambient light, long exposures and a chemical spray called “Blue Star” render the remnants of blood visible by activating the physical memory of blood through its contact with the remaining proteins on the walls even after they have been thoroughly cleaned and repainted.

The result of her work is a series of large black and white prints revealing eerie portraits
of actions from the past in spaces now transformed into new homes:  I see them as these
sort of memorials to people who are heroes, who really fought for their will to live,
and even though they didn’t live, there’s like a light that’s left behind, this glow, as opposed
to a stain. The evidence that there’s a new family living in the spaces shows that time 
passes, people move on and something new can come into a tainted place. I’m trying
to bring something positive to this negative memory in a way.
ANGELA STRASSHEIM for ArtInfo, April 2011


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