Nuri Koerfer

from the series THAT’S NOT ME, 2001-2009

That’s Not Me is a photographic essay by Swiss artist NURI KOERFER taken between 2001 and 2009 in Rüschlikon, Geneva, Montauk, Tabo, Ahmadabad and Shanghai.

The series shows NURI on holiday or in her home posing alongside dead animals or part of animals which she found on strolls and promenades and subsequently positioned in front of the camera, like for a souvenir photo. With humor approaching the surreal as well as the melancholic, she imitates the structure and form of the unfortunate creatures, playfully fools around with them, therefore establishing a dialogue with them, which turns the slightly macabre aftertaste of the images into genuine amusement.

This project has been compiled in a book entitlted That’s Not Me published by Kodoji Press in 2010 and available via Printed Matter.

And good news: NURI KOERFER is currently presenting a new body of work – including wooden sculptures and a collage series – at Oslo 10 in Basel, until April 29, 2012.

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  1. Fantastique travail inspiré

  2. Hello,

    I would like to get in touch with the artist Nuri Koerfer.
    Please could you tell me how i could do ?

    Thanks in advance

    Amandine Ickx