Martina Hoogland Ivanow. Speedway


Speedway is one of the first series by Swedish photographer MARTINA HOOGLAND IVANOW which took her through Germany, Finland, Mongolia, Siberia and Sweden. The result is a series of approximatively two hundred images all focused on the highly precarious sport of speedway racing and the people that turn out to watch them.

As her recent series, each of her images are imbued in a dark mesmerizing aesthetic which conveys in her images a heightened presence as real as it is poetic: I’m not aware of constructing a technique, lighting a selection of subject are choices that every photographer makes, that combined to make a personal statement. If I choose a very soft lighting, it is to capture something that’s very hard to take in.

And good news (to be confirmed!): the series Speedway is going to be published. Meanwhile her first book Far Too Close has been released last year by SteidlMACK.

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