Gabriel Mauron & Pascal Greco. Ratrak


published by Verlhac Editions (2012)
52 pages, 20 pictures, 42 x 27 cm
333 copies, limited edition, manually numbered
ISBN : 978-2-916954-66-0


GABRIEL MAURON and PASCAL GRECO explored Swiss alpine sceneries at night between 2009 and 2010 to capture fascinating large-scale photographs shrouded in darkness and seemingly inhabited. Images where the landscape and the machine become the protagonists.

By means of the ratrak and its headlights, this project questions the representation of our familiar winter sport environments with a central interest in the manipulation of light which is skillfully used to frame and isolate their subjects. Even if the ratrak is not in the picture, the machine stays present in order to show the elements of the landscape and their context. With his precise framing, light not only illuminates objects in front of the camera and makes them visible to the viewer – it becomes an agent of its own right, pushing the narrative forward.

The result is a series of fourty large-scale photographs whose twenty have been compiled in a book published by Verlhac Editions with a run limited to 333 hand numbered copies. Additionally Ratrak has been exhibited at Krisal Galerie in Geneva earlier this year and will be on view at Abstract Galerie in Lausanne from 19 April to 19 May, 2012.

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