Bea Fremderman

untitled, 2011

BEA FREMDERMAN is visual artist based in Chicago who works with photography and video. Her photographic explorations rely on ubiquitous ideas and places to construct alternate realities within our commonplace objects and situations.

Creating results of irony, surprise and ambiguity, each individual shot by BEA FREMDERMAN challenges the existent visual language of photography and deals with the ways in which our image-based culture experiences itself.

The suburban nightmare pertains to placelessness. It is within subdivisions where individuality, desire and freedom homogenize to form a synthetic reality. As one dwells in this maze, a false sense of freedom delineates all that is true. From the confines of the office cubicle to the sovereignty of the home, urge is suppressed and ennui sets in. Relief is found in leisure but the temporary escape is nothing more than a cul-de-sac; placing one right where they started. Those who fear placelessness see the artifice and resist information. ” – BEA FREMDERMAN


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