Chris Timms

SensualObjects by CHRIS TIMMS

SensualObjects is an abstract animation by CHRIS TIMMS that examines contemporary art by use of purely artificial imagery. SensualObjects is made of synthetic geographical forms, where relations and changes of shapes, patterns, colors, geometries and motions become the narrative and the protagonists!

SensualObjects is also a tumblr filled with soft colors, glossy, organic gifs!

CHRIS TIMMS (b.1984) studied at the National College of Art and Design and the AKI University, Netherlands. He is a founding member of the Good Hatchery in Offaly, he undertook M.O.O.N., a public project hosted by The Black Mariah, C.I.T Crawford, and the Cork Artists Collective during a residency in The Guesthouse, Cork. More recently he has featured his work at  Super Art Modern Museum (SPAMM), a virtual museum that opened its door a few months ago.

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