Lucas Blalock

all images © LUCAS BLALOCK

LUCAS BLALOCK is part of these photographs who have been taking new approaches to photography by manipulating, printing, painting, and sculpting their works, making objects that stretch the traditional definition of the medium.

For BLALOCK, each picture begins on film, shot with a 4×5 camera, digital interventions follow. He leaves his pictures unprotected from these overlapping strategies, which often contain overly elaborated procedures lifted from the technical production of commercial photography. Patterns merge and mutate, inflected by color corrections that do not correct and masks that do not fit. We see the machine working; the technology that was originally conceived of as invisible is put on stage to act among the intersecting possibilities of the mechanical, the procedural, the historical…

In addition to portraits, he creates still lifes with anything that can serve as a subject. Every image offers something unexpected upon closer inspection. Blurring the lines of technology and media, his works feel mysterious and sophisticated.

His photographic work has been exhibited widely at venues including Ramiken Crucible (New York), Foam Photography Museum (Amsterdam), and Art in General (New York). He has published two books, I Believe You, Liar (2009) and Towards a Warm Math (Hassla, 2011), and his pictures have been featured  in The New Yorker, Frieze, Lay Flat, Art Review, Guernica, ARTnews, Time Out NY, and more recently in Foam Magazine.

I really suggest you to watch LUCAS BLALOCK’s 99¢ Store Still Lifes in which BLALOCK photographs mundane objects from local discount stores in the living room of his Williamsburg apartment & studio.

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