Fatima Al Qadiri

How Can I Resist U by FATIMA AL QADIRI

A few weeks back, WFW featured FATIMA AL QADIRI, a New York-based Kuwaiti visual artist and composer who has recently released a record called Genre-Specfic Xperience. For each track on the EP, she specifically chose to work with different visual artist not known for directing music videos. And the xperience wouldn’t be complete without the – freshly released – video How Can I Resist U by SOPHIA AL-MARIA.

‘How Can I Resist U’ is a love letter to London in general and Dubstep (before it wobbled) in particular. ‘Lenden’ as it’s known has become a historic site of pilgrimage for wealthy Arabs seeking the forbidden fruits of sex, drugs and alcohol.  Interspersed with Youtube footage of Ma’alaya dances specific to Gulf countries like UAE and Oman–the super cars, dancing girls and brutalist council estates in the video are part of the down-and-dirty dream that a trip to London signifies for Khaleejis (Gulf Arabs). The color of the video is based on an infamous Arab royal’s custom ‘Gulf Blue’ Koenigsegg CCXR that terrorized the streets of the city’s posh neighborhoods.

The result is thoroughly disturbing, but totally groundbreaking! Make sure to watch more Xperience videos here

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