Tauba Auerbach

Marble Book, 2011
digital offset printing on mohawk superfine paper, 55 pages, with hand painted edges, 43.82 x 33.02 x 5.08 cm / 17.32 x 12.99 x 1.97″

image courtesy of Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen. Photos by VEGARD KLEVEN

A few days ago American artist TAUBA AUERBACH revealed her newest body of work at Bergern Kunsthall in Norway. First known for her text-based paintings, she has since broadened her scope, adding photography and instrument making to her repertoire. Nevertheless her multidisciplinary practice is always characterized by methodical compositions dealing with perception, illusions, and the ambiguity that exists between surfaces and objects, as well as two- and three-dimensional renderings.

AUERBACH works with a number of printed media, and the book enjoys a quite central position in her oeuvre: from highly sophisticated book sculptures that are somewhere between physical objects and non-narrative books, to a series of individually made artist books – most recently [2,3] (2011), a pop-up book where detailed paper sculptures emerge from the book’s pages.

And good news: in connection with the exhibition Tetrachromat, Bergen Kunsthall
and Sternberg Press are publishing a new book that presents AUERBACH’s ongoing
series of Fold paintings for the first time in book form.
Tetrachromat is currently on view at Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen (Norway)
through December 22, 2011

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