Michel François. Posters

Le monde et les bras, 1996

Trou, 1991-1994

Sauter, 1999

Cailloux (detail), 2004

exhibition view at MAC’s (Museum of Contemporary Arts at Grand-Hornu), Belgium
on view until January 29, 2012

Over the last twenty-five years Belgian artist MICHEL FRANÇOIS has built up a complex body of work using all sorts of materials and a range of methods, combining sculpture, photography, video, installations as well as performance. FRANÇOIS analyses and refers to everyday customs and habits in associative manner without detracting from their general validity. In his photographs, he finds his subjects in the real ordinary world but what is registered by the artist is the unexpected in the familiar: L’ art, de toute façon, c’est la vie que l’on sculpte – MICHEL FRANÇOIS

Since 1994, for each new exhibition, a new large-format poster is created by the artist from his photographs and put on sale to the public. For the first time in Belgium, the Museum of Contemporary Arts at Grand-Hornu has chosen to republish them as a whole, with some 45 pictures (180 x 120 cm) printed in an edition of 1,000 copies.

MICHEL FRANÇOIS, 22.500 affiches 1994-2011 is currently on view at Museum of Contemporary Arts at Grand-Hornu, Belgium until January 29, 2012.

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  2. Dear Mr./Mrs.

    Do you have any idea where I can buy a print/poster/affiche of this photo.

    le monde et les bras, michel Francois

    Hope to hear from you.

    Judith Reuten

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    Can you inform me if it is possible to buy the poster Le Monde et les bras?

    Please inform me.

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    I would please like some information about the possibility of purchasing the poster ‘Le Monde et les bras’. I hope to hear from you.

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