Michaël Borremans

Various ways of avoiding visual contact
with the Outside World using yellow isolating tape, 1998
Courtesy Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp

Carnadines (details), 2011
Courtesy Kunstmuseum Basel, Kupferstichkabinett, Inv. 2002-5

Four Fairies, 2003
Private collection, Los Angeles

The Present, 2001
Courtesy Zeno X, Antwerp

Drawing, 2002
Private collection

Kit-The Conversation, 2002
Private collection

Twenty-Thee Metaphors, 2001
Courtesy Hauser und Wirth, St Gallen

Proposal for a wall and ceiling decoration, 1999
Courtesy J.Morrens, Bonheiden, Belgium

In the Louvre – The House of Opportunity, 2003
Courtesy The Judith Rothschild Foundation

The House of Opportunity (The Chance of a Lifetime), 2003
Courtesy Zeno X, Antwerp

The Swimming Pool, 2001
Courtesy Zeno X, Antwerp

MICHAËL BORREMANS is a Belgian painter who has always made drawings. In fact, they are a way for BORREMANS to reflect, to set the imagination in motion, and to elaborate ideas or projects which will probably never be implemented.

Like his painting, BORREMANS‘ drawings introduce the viewer to a sombre universe in which solemn-looking characters, unusual close-ups, and unsettling still lifes cohabit. In addition, time and history themselves also play a crucial part: he often derives inspiration from newspapers, books, magazines and photographic archives from the first half of the twentieth century. BORREMANS thus very consistently keeps to the very thin line between reality and historical illusions that is so characteristic of his work.

And good news: David Zwirner, New York just opened an exhibition of new works by MICHAËL BORREMANS entitled The Devil’s Dress and is on display through December 17.

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