Bidoun Magazine #25

excerpt from BIDOUN Magazine #25, Summer 2011
all images © BIDOUN MAGAZINE

One of the best thing about travelling is finding new magazines. I so love it. During my trip in Lebanon, I stumbled upon BIDOUN Magazine, a quarterly print magazine which serves as a platform — for new questions, images, and ideas about the Middle East since 2004.

The twenty-fifth issue of BIDOUN responds to the Egyptian revolution that began on the 25th of January. In April and May, a group of BIDOUN editors went to Cairo in order to better understand what happened, and what did not happen, during the eighteen days of revolt and since…. BIDOUN 25 is the result – the product of over fifty unique interviews in Arabic and English, along with roundtable discussions, political party platforms, TV transcriptions, overheard dialogue, dreams, tweets, and email forwards. The result is a composite portrait, at once disjointed and revealing, partial but not trivial.

BIDOUN is an experiment: a collection of voices whose sum total aims to engage and from a design perspective, this means reconceptualizing the magazine with each issue. The layout, typography, and feature language are repeatedly rebuilt, as if to correct the flaws in past issues while planting seeds for those issues yet to come.

I really invite you to read the interview of BIDOUN magazine editor NEGAR AZIMI by BRIAN J.SHOLIS for 032c Brian J. Sholis, here!

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