Ryan McGinley. Moonmilk

all images from the series Moonmilk, 2008-2009

Today is the perfect day to rediscover RYAN MCGINLEY‘s moonmilk series, taken in subterranean caves across the United States during the summers of 2008 and 2009. The shoot itself was an intense physical challenge for everyone involved and the result is spectacular, haunting and curiously colorful.

People fall in love with MCGINLEY‘s work because it tells a story about liberation and hedonism: Where GOLDIN and LARRY CLARK were saying something painful and anxiety producing about Kids and what happens when they take drugs and have sex in an ungoverned urban underworld, MCGINLEY started out announcing that “The Kids Are Alright,” fantastic, really, and suggested that a gleeful, unfettered subculture was just around the corner—’still’—if only you knew where to look.ARIEL LEVY for NY Times

Hailed by The New York Times as the best photobook of 2009, Moonmilk has been produced as a limited run of 1000 and is now sold out!

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