Fumiko Imano

all images © FUMIKO IMANO

FUMIKO IMANO‘s work is a strangely compelling collection of photographs which comprises a series of self-portraits in which the artist appears as a young girl transforming each of her environments into her own stage set, whether it be her bedroom, a garden, a friend’s house, or the Eiffel Tower. Often, IMANO presents herself as one of a set of twins, expertly splicing photographs so that she can accompany herself on her adventures.

I used to love photography so much; I was always taking my reflex camera with me, developing in the dark room, dreaming about romanticism in photography too much. I was totally addicted. While studying fashion photography, I had to question ideas about photography and subject, and since that time, I started to hate it. I especially hate to be called “photographer” ‘cause it is so limited, and somehow people imagine all this professional and technical stuff, expensive camera, lighting system, studio, you know? I don’t believe in “photographer” with only technique and expensive camera and fame. I prefer being an artist without heavy guns, so I can do anything! FUMIKO IMANO for Kirin Big in Japan

FUMIKO IMANO spent her early childhood in Rio de Janeiro before her family moved back to a small town in Japan. She went on to study art and fashion photography at Central Saint Martin’s and since then has been living between London, Paris and Hitachi.

In addition to FUMIKO‘s first solo show in Japan at the Kanazawa shop/gallery New Accident (from 6th August – 4th September 2011), she has also published a new book called circa. And follow this link to watch a video portrait by DIANE PERNET

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