Cozue Takagi

Okaasan (MID series), 2008, C print

Japanese photographer COZUE TAKAGI first rose to prominence in Japan’s art scene when she won the Grand Prize at Canon’s New Cosmos of Photography in 2006 during her last year of studies in Tokyo Polytechnic University. Since then TAKAGI’s works have been exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions across Japan and in Korea. She is the winner of the 35th Kimura Ihei Memorial Photography Award 2010, one of the most prestigious photography awards in Japan. She lives and works in Nagano,Japan.

We should be able to put the complex structure of COZUE’s photographic work into focus.But this effort quickly gets caught in a labyrinth and arrives at a dead end. The information we’re given is too fragmented. (…)What is MID? It means the midway of something. The midway of what? COZUE immediately replies: The midway between life and death. – KOTARO LIZAWA

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