Carlo Mollino

CARLO MOLLINO (photograph attributed to)
Valle d’Aosta Workers’ Residence
Aosta, Italy, 1953

Six things you need to know about CARLO MOLLINO (1905-1973):

  1. he was an Italian architect, designer, author and photographer
  2. who liked to return to each construction site, to check out his own capacity, but also his indulgence of the client’s wishes: to verify his intuitive skills in terms of adaptation to place and time
  3. he went back to his projects also by photographing them: it is
    not the photograph itself that is important to him, but rather how it is processed during
    extensive post production. Out of the combination of darkroom, retouching and
    photomontage, he creates a new image.
  4. maniera moderna, at Haus der Kunst (Münich, Germany) from September 16 to January  8, 2012, is the first comprehensive presentation of his work
  5. the show will include furniture, design objects, drawings and sketches and his photo montages and polaroids – and  the race car bisiluro, which was built according to one of his drawings (he even participated at le mans with it in 1955)
  6. MOLLINO pushed shapes, materials and the people around him to a fantastical limit – by MARTINO GAMPER

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