Sylvie Fleury. Môtiers

Guardian by SYLVIE FLEURY at Môtiers, 2011
all images © WFW

Another weekend, another open air exhibition: this time I fled the city for Môtiers, a small village in Switzerland which is hosting the 6th edition of the outdoor contemporary sculpture show. Through September 18, you can catch surprising and mysterious art works from JOHN ARMLEDER, ROMAN SIGNER and ELODIE PONG among others, interacting with the environment and the community of Môtiers.

On this occasion, Swiss artist SYLVIE FLEURY has created a strange troll that she placed in the woods. Best known for her staged presentations of products stemming from the glamorous world of fashion and modern consumerism, FLEURY‘s recent work has been granting increasing importance to colours, magical light phenomena, New Age and aliens. While at first glance her works may seem like unequivocal confirmation of consumer-society values, she unfailingly delivers a subtle comment on the trappings of mere illusion.

And good news: you can see some of my other Môtiers pictures here.

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