Simon Deppierraz. Bex & Arts

installation by SIMON DEPPIERRAZ
at Bex & Art, Territoires, from 12 June to 25 September 2011
images © WFW

Curated by NOÉMIE ENZ, PASCAL HÄUSERMANN and JESSICA SCHUPBACH, the Bex & Arts triennial outdoor contemporary sculpture exhibition opened two months ago. During this summer, the show features confirmed and emerging artists from Switzerland, including THE CHAPUISAT BROTHERS, DANIEL ROBERT HUNZIKER and SIMON DEPPERRIAZ among others, on the Szilassy property at the base of the Alps in Bex (Switzerland).

For this eleven edition, SIMON DEPPERRIAZ has created in situ a large scale mirror sculpture reflecting and distorting the landscape’s skyline. Despite its monumental scale, the work appear as pure reflection of its surrounding: the sky, trees, wildlife and changing seasons. The distortions in the works’ mirror-like surfaces call into question the viewers’ relationship to both the work itself and the surrounding environment.

SIMON DEPPERRIAZ was born in 1984, in Morges. His work as an artist consists mainly in sculpture and installation. He is currently an assistant for the department of Visual Arts of the ECAL . He is also an active member of the audiovisual project ” tigerlily “, in which he plays percussion.

” The mountains that SIMON DEPPERRIAZ loves so much are a recurrent source of inspiration in his artistic work. He literally occupies space by stretching climbing ropes across rooms or by scaling up the walls with lofty sculptures. Always conversing with the given architecture, he imagines installations that are physically comprehensible. The tension in his work is brought to life by schemes of size and strength between a person and his or her surroundings. ” – by CHARLOTTE MATTER

There is one thing that you need to know about the Bex & Arts: the show is running through September 24th!

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