Ben Russell

Black and White Trypps Number Three. 35mm, color, sound, 2007

Black and White Trypps Number Three by Chicago based artist filmmaker BEN RUSSELL is the third part in a series of films dealing with what the artist describes as “an ongoing study in trance, travel and psychedelic ethnography“. What does that mean, exactly? This installment of RUSSELL‘s Trypps series has been shot during a performance by Rhode Island noise band LIGHTNING BOLT and documents the transformation of a rock audience’s collective freak-out into a trance ritual of the highest spiritual order.

BEN RUSSELL is an itinerant media artist and curator whose films, installations, and performances have been described as drawing on elements of ethnography, early cinema and Surrealism. He currently teaches at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Make sure to watch Black and White Trypps Number One and Number two here

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