Nicolas Maigret

Standard [square + sine version]. 2005

NICOLAS MAIGRET’s work certainly isn’t going to everyone’s cup of tea but my tastes run wide and I’m sure yours too. In fact, NICOLAS MAIGRET has been developing an experimental practice of sound and electronic images (performances, installations, programming, radio) since 2001.

In his creations he experiments the possibilities of contemporary technologies to auto-generate aesthetic forms, sound or visual languages and specific behaviors. His work is as well a micro-laboratory as a point of view on the technological tools and there influences on our way of thinking and of acting. He works in duo with NICOLAS MONTGERMONT under the name of ART OF FAILURE.

One of their latest project is an online and autonomous networked audio project. It consists of an audio stream traveling through the world wide web since the 1st july 2010 and that you can hear live:

For Standard, NICOLAS MAIGRET used the compression of digital data to create its own visual and sound language. The RVB flickers are compressed in the lowest .WMV quality over and over.

Truly fascinating and innovative projects!

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