Rebecca Najdowski

from the series Black Sun by REBECCA NAJDOWSKI. 2010

REBECCCA NAJDOWSKI uses photography, video, and land-based interventions in her practice to connect method and chance, humankind and the natural environment, and the transcendental and the vernacular. She lives in San Francisco where she received a Master of Fine Arts at the California College of the Arts in 2010. REBECCCA was recently awarded a Fulbright Grant to complete a visual and social art project in Brazil in the forthcoming year.

For her “Black Sun” video, she explained: I am playing with how the phenomenal might me dealt with in art. As much as this can be a pursuit tinged with seriousness, I find enjoyment and importance in using absurdity and artifice as a strategy. I try to identify transcendental moments that can happen within a vernacular world. Points of entry are hybrid social movements, extreme ecologies, and ritual practices.

My work looks into concepts of transformation and the difference, if there is one, between literal magic and the appearance of magic. The unknown itself is a resource; the vast possibilities made explicit in quantum theories are inspiration for how I can deepen my perception of the world and make artwork.

See more of her dream-like projects here

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