I like your work: art and etiquette

from the pamphlet: I like your work: art and etiquette
edited by Paper Monument
ISBN: 978-0-9797575-2-5

I like your work: art and etiquette is the first small book (first released in 2009) of PAPER MONUMENT, a print journal of contemporary art published in association with n+1.

For the book, PAPER MONUMENT asked 38 artists, curators, dealers, and critics to talk about the stresses and missteps they’ve encountered in their careers—and to offer some tips on how to avoid them.

It is intelligent-without-being-smart-assed and endearing-without-being-cutesy admixture of humour and honesty. It is a little like chatting over a drink with a friend, asking them, ‘is it me or was that meeting with my gallerist/conversation with that curator/studio visit with that artist completely fucking weird?’ and your friend replying: “Yes, it was. Don’t worry. You’re not alone.” – by DAN FOX for Frieze

To those who haven’t coordinated their air-kiss greeting, or their comments, multimedia artist DAVID LEVINE gives a comforting pat on the back: “Remember,” he says, “everyone is totally freaked out all the time.

Hilarious and surprisingly useful!

Available via http://www.papermonument.com/

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