Berlin #9. Pogobooks

May 5th, 2011
all photos © WFW

Last Thursday I spent a part of my afternoon in Berlin by visiting the studio of POGOBOOKS situated near Görlitzer Park.

Since one year, CLAUDIO PFEIFER, the founder of POGOBOOKS is a pretty busy guy: He is publishing limited edition art books and zines focusing on photography and graphics successfully. The roaming publication plans to highlight the best creative and artistic minds of the area and wider with one goal: to make original art accessible to everyone.

The rad fact is that every zine was fondled at least once by the hands of its publisher, hand-bound and sent out to readers around the world from the local post office.

Additionally, POGOBOOKS had its first exhibitions at Neon Chocolate Gallery in Berlin earlier this year. My advice: add POGOBOOKS to your list of small presses to keep an eye on, then scoop up a couple of art and photography titles from this intrepid publisher.

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