Anne de Vries. Forecast

Forecast by ANNE DE VRIES, 2011. 5’04”
“philosophical consequences” from the abc of relativity
Sound: JAMES WHIPPLE. Technoerotic assistancy: TIMUR SI-QIN

Dutch photographer ANNE DE VRIES constructs unusual and puzzling worlds, inspired by new media and our technical culture. He departs from an abstract, technical concept which he explores and experiments by collapsing, reversing, and simultaneously employing the real and the representation.

My aim in my work is not to represent, but to reveal by representing the ordinary, framed in a way which often refers to the illusionary world of commerce and fashion, to induce a shift in recognizable conventional codes of our visual culture. Dealing in the banalities of the real world while suggesting a hidden, alternate one. Constructing a scene that triggers, a layered reading functioning as a document of reality and a portal to the imagination.” – photo Statement, 2008, by ANNE DE VRIES.

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