Ghost Box. The Advisory Circle

The Advisory Circle – Everyday Electronics, from Other Channels, Ghost Box, 2008

GHOST BOX is an English independent record label, established in 2004 by JIM JUPP and JULIAN HOUSE (a talented graphic designer who has worked for Stereolab, Broadcast, Oasis and The Prodigy).

Their label began as a humble website flogging burned-to-order CDRs of the music JUPP records as the Belbury Poly and HOUSE puts out under the name the Focus Group. Created mainly as a multimedia art project and not really like a music label (their stated intention was to create “not just a record label but an imaginary world”), GHOST BOX releases are shaped by an integrated audio-visual aesthetic. Each CD looks like part of a set, a format modelled on university course books and the classic front cover ‘grid’ of Penguin paperbacks.

The artists on GHOST BOX collage British occult texts, science and informational films, the loose hokum of 60s counterculture, and the straight fits of academia and bureaucracy with verve. A typical Ghost Box record might sound like it was recorded 30 years ago, but like it was being mixed as you listen; a sound so minced, collaged, and disjointed that it takes on crude animation–a museum come to life.

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