Fumetto. Céline Meyrat

CORPS ETRANGER. pencil & color pencil on paper, 30×40 cm, 2010
all drawings © CELINE MEYRAT
Five things you need to know about CÉLINE MEYRAT:
  1. She is a Swiss Illustrator
  2. She work and lives in Berlin
  3. She presented her work “Corps Etrangers” last year at Fumetto, the International Comix-Festival in Lucerne (Switzerland)
  4. Additionally to this event, she has been the fourth artist to published her work in the Edition Fumetto (available here)

2 commentaires pour “Fumetto. Céline Meyrat”

  1. you’re cool. céline meyrat is cool. the textures, the colors, the (dis)harmonies are cool. no, hot.

  2. Me ha encantado!