Fumetto. Beni Bischof

BENI BISCHOF for Fumetto 2011. No Longer Pie in the Sky
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April 9 marked the opening day of Fumetto, the International Comic Festival in Switzerland. The event spans continents and centuries to explore our relationship with comics, from the first sketches of American comic artist DANIEL CLOWES to the badass installation of Swiss artist BENI BISCHOF.

No Longer Pie in the Sky is radical, anarchic and raw: the installation, situated under the train station of Lucerne, mixes photography, collages, simple doodling, absurd constructions and a constellation of different things like magazines, plastic chairs, totems sculptures, oil paintings, and organic fragments. A world messily constructed which depicts, with a fresh insolence, a society that has decayed to a grotesque and that is only bearable in its ridiculousness.

We are immersed in BENI BISCHOF‘s world, look into his living room and ask ourselves whether all of this is really art, we die of laughter, are overwhelmed by the number of works, have to endure bad taste and nonsense, are surprised by poetry and wit and we realize that we are already part of BENI BISCHOF‘s world.

There are still two things that you need to know about Fumetto and BENI BISCHOF. One, the event runs through April 17 and two, BENI will launch his book at the exhibition, Saturday the 16th of April at 4 pm. See you there!

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