Thobias Fäldt


581 c-volume 2 & 3, #14. 2009

581 c-volume 1, #11. 2008

581 c-volume 2 & 3, #15. 2009

Untitled (Fontän). 2008

581 c-volume 1, #9. 2008

581 c-volume 1, #7. 2008

THOBIAS FÄLDT‘s pictures follow the path of a labyrinth, with no apparent logic, creating thus a narrative that has escaped the formalities of living. His work seems to come from a parallel universe, a mirror world with a wink — neither to be trusted nor to be dismissed and reveal a cross-section of people and experience, a mixture of the familiar and the foreign — unable to be explained as merely a dream.

THOBIAS FÄLDT was born in 1978 in Forsbacka, Sweden, and now lives and works in Stockholm. In 2006 Fäldt received the Scanpix Big Photo award for his Year One project. In 2009 he released the first volume in his series of ten books 581C and the second volume the following year. His work has been exhibited worldwide and is frequently published in art magazines and anthologies.

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  2. These photos remind me of the Greek movie, Dogtooth… Maybe it’s the greenery and also the solitude of the kids. If you haven’t seen it yet – you should!

  3. just found your site and enjoy it. ;-)

    …check out my blog

    thank you!

  4. I definitely want to see Dogtooth, it seems to be GREAT! thank you Julie for your comment

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