Michael Matthys

I’m an angel too… . by MICHAEL MATTHYS
32 pages. 13,5 x 20,5 cm. published by Fremok
ISBN: 978-2-35065-035-7

MICHAEL MATTHYS is a Belgian comic artist and an art teacher best known for his large scale lithographies depicting a soofy jungle, as foggy as his native land.

I’m an angel too… is the third book of MICHAEL MATTHYS and has been developped during the creation of his last opus “Ville Rouge” (2009), a powerful portrait of Charleroi drawn with bull’s blood. These preparatory documentations for large scale frescoes are drawn with pencil and charcoal and weren’t planned to be published. Thanks to Fremok, a Franco-Belgian comics publishing house, this small book has seen the light of the day!

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