Luc Mattenberger. Monograph

Cover: Travelling. 2009

Booby Trap. 2010

Candidate. 2007- 2009

This is not a Lullaby. 2008

Radar. 2009

The tied-down Rope Law and the Wild Drag Race. 2008

Baignoire à moteurs hors bord. 2006

No Country for Engines. LUC MATTENBERGER. 2010
68 pages, 22.5 x 16.5 cm, hardcover. ISBN 978-2-9700623-9-4

LUC MATTENBERGER is a Swiss artist that I discovered at Galerie Analix in Geneva last year. Since then he never stopped to impress me as much by its awards as by its projects.

At the heart of LUC MATTENBERGER‘s work are the machines, an industrious mechanical collages which their intended use has not yet been fully defined. They could be weapons or just weird toys. But one thing is sure; all of them can function in space (the motors includes in his sculptures are required to be more than merely decorative), if only someone dares to drive or touch them.  And finally, it’s what his work is about: a subtle and ambigous play between good and evil, fear and fascination, pleasure and insecurity.

No Country for Engines – published by AHEAD Foundation – is the first monograph of LUC MATTENBERGER and includes essays, interviews as well as his major installations from 2006 to 2010.

Make sure to watch LUC riding his Booby Trap on the Rhine and if you are in Paris from 11 February until 8 May 2011, don’t miss his participation at the exhibition “Ailleurs” at the Espace culturel Louis Vuitton

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