David OReilly. The External World

The External World by DAVID OREILLY. credits

After his 2009 short Please Say Something—which won the coveted Golden Bear at the 2009 Berlinale, the 2009 Cartoon D’or, the Golden Zagreb Award, the Grand Prix at Winterthur, Best Narrative Film at Ottawa Animation Festival and several other awards—DAVID OREILLY released online his latest twisted, hysterical follow-up venture, The External World.

Self-taught, without conventional schooling, this Irish born, Berlin-based animator experiments with software: “My technique is to basically cut out all the crap which holds other 3-D production back. In other words, I don’t polish the turd – I let a turd be a turd.”

The External World is 17 minutes of twisted world and total 3-D generated chaos. The film took nine months from start to finish to complete: a few months designing and modeling, three months for the actual animating, and a tight finish for the 67th Venice Film Festival where the film has been premiered. The film was co-written by collaborator VERNON CHATMAN and produced by HENNING HAMM.

Definitely a piece that you will watch again and again. Brillant!

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  1. on a juste pas envie que ça s’arrête … trop bien … merci Soso !

  2. à regarder encore et encore ;-) kiss