Terry Haggerty

Out of position. acrylic on canvas. 143 x 12cm. 2010

Emulator. acrylic on canvas. 76 x 63cm. 2010

Angle of response. acrylic on canvas. 174 x 150 cm. 2010

recycle. acrylic on canvas. 61 x 74cm. 2010

Into Position. acrylic on canvas. 142 x 120cm. 2010

TERRY HAGGERTY plays with our perception: the eye involuntarily attemps to put the lines together, to close gasps and to identify a known structure. The two-dimensional paintings suddenly resemble painted volumes or reflect the illusory perception of a third dimension.

British-born artist TERRY HAGGERTY who lives in Berlin and New York creates his geometric abstractions on computer and transmits his design on a primed canvas, on blocks of wood or on walls. Subsequently, the shapes are colored in or sprayed and covered with several layers of varnish. Unusual is also the fact that nowhere is the work of the artist hand visible: brush strokes and all gestural spontaneity have disappeared, almost as if it is machine-made.

HAGGERTY‘s abstract line compositions seem to combine the tradition of Minimalist painting and Op Art, a movement developed in the late 1950s and early 1960s that involved the use of perceptual phenomena as a creative tool. His minimalist paintings are exceptionally contemporary even though their central theme is about playing with illusion.

Subtle and perfect!

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