Rita Ackermann. Marfa/Crash

Marfa/Crash by RITA ACKERMANN. 32 Pages, Tabloid 26 x 38 cm, Color b/w Offset, First Edition, 2009
Co-Published by Nieves and Fiction Inc.

I’m here in the desert of Marfa, Texas for a month-long residency at The Chinati Foundation (…). Here, I’m working with elements of the enviroment. I like working like this which is fortunate because there is pretty much nothing else here to work with. CHRISTOPHER WOOL has a studio down here, and we drove around yesterday taking pictures of these three-dimensional collages made by locals in their backyards out of car parts and what most consider garbage. We also took some amazing pictures of these architectural landscapes around here which remind me of RICHARD PRINCE sculptures.

I’m calling this the Month of the Marfa Crash Sketch because all that I brought down to Texas was an old drawing that I started mixing up with what I found here. The sketch has danger and fearlessness, passion, sex and continuity in a vast space. To find those things I need to go with the flow. My flow is made from this crash and I’ll take it all back to the city to mix up this fresh blood. I’m hanging out with TY MITCHELL, this outlaw cowboy who tells me about rattlesnake bites, smuggling guns and drugs and bike crashes in the middle of the night. He has been an outlaw since he was sentenced to an El Salvador jungle war and never made it back to civilization. He fears nothing and his attitude makes him the coolest man I’ve ever met. He is the most primitive man, yet with all the grace of a gentleman. He wants to take me to his ranch too — I feel like I’m living in a movie like The Misfits or Paris Texas. – by RITA ACKERMANN for purple DIARY

When New York-based artist RITA ACKERMANN went to Marfa for an Artist-in-Residence program at The Chinati Foundation (a non-profit gallery dedicated to the late DONALD JUDD) in 2009, what she foundinspired  her. She channeled her feelings of dislocation in a barren locale into “marfa/crash,” a series of fiery, expressive drawings, collages, photographs and paintings.

Fiction Inc.., in cooperation with Swiss-based independent publisher Nieves, has released an over-sized magazine which is the seventh issue of THE International, the Tokyo-based art publication.

And good news: you can buy one the book “Under Pressure from 2006-2007” released on occasion of RITA ACKERMANN‘s work shown at the 2008 Whitney Biennial at the Whitney Museum, New York in the WFW Store

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