Paul Sharits

WORD MOVIE / FLUX FILM 29 by PAUL SHARITS. 1966. 16 mm. 4′ 00

Member of Fluxus, PAUL JEFFREY SHARITS (1943-1993) was an American multimedia artist, best known for his experimental or avant-garde filmmaking. His film work primarily focused on installations using infinite film loops, multiple projectors, and experimental soundtracks.
Trained initially as a painter, and a prolific theoretical writer, he was really an artist working within the medium of film, not in storytelling, but in directly visual ways. His main contribution was in the abstract direction; he was very much interested in color and light and explored more than anyone else how the individual frame worked on the viewer, how color affect us and which moods they create.

More than any of PAUL  SHARITS flicker films, Word Movie most closely literalizes the flicker effect of the [film] shutter mechanism through its use of the separate word for each frame coupled with the single frame units of color. The word structure as a single unit becomes an analog for the individual film frame. And at the same time as serving that function, the word emphasizes the screen frame perimeters as certain words are horizontally cut off by the film REGINA CORNWELL

His work is distributed by The Film-Makers’ Cooperative and Canyon Cinema. And an excellent book about PAUL SHARITS (edited by YANN BEAUVAIS) is now available in the WFW Store

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