Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper. June 2010. First Issue
44 p. illustration colour. 23 x 29 cm. English

Do you remember of PERMANENT FOOD, the cult publication by MAURIZIO CATTELAN?

Now let me introduce you: TOILET PAPER! A new magazine still directed by Italian artist MAURIZIO CATTELAN and photographer PIERPAOLO FERRARI in collaboration with Greek collector DAKIS JOANNOU.

This publication is described as a new generation magazine that combines commercial photography, twisted narratives and surrealistic imaginary to create a series of powerful visual tableaux.

Sooner or later all magazines end up in the toilet,” CATTELAN says. The surreal and original photos include a man in a nun’s habit shooting up, a face with no nose, and a close-up of a bloody hand wielding a hammer. “There is no theme but a sort of mood. Some of the pictures are more durable than others. But, you know, that’s the story of any magazine.

And good newsTOILET PAPER is now available in the WFW Store

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