Robbert Geens

all pictures © ROBBERT GEENS

Today is the first time I’ve heard about ROBBERT GEENS, a performance artist from Belgium where he is doing his final bachelor at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.

I’ve heard about him because he has released a small book in edition limited and published by pogobooks (definitively one of the best independent publisher for zines and small books, focusing on photography and graphics):

In most cases his work is based on a personal situation or event that is difficult for him to digest. Because he cant place them in his inner life he decides to share them with a crowd. Matters get enlarged and intimate, personal and hidden cases get blazed abroad. By taking an emotional happening out of its private and intimate context, then to place it in public, he gets hold on the processing. He stays close to the anecdote to treasure its purity and authenticity. Yet, by using metaphors he tries to create a detached perspective in order to achieve an universal language.

Keep an eye on this guy, and till then his book “SVART HVITT” is available for 5 euros via pogobooks

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