Rico Scagliola & Michael Meier

Video for a Kunst-am-Bau competition for Paul-Scherrer-Institute on the subject of big bang and the universe. 2009: If you can’t see thing anymore, you build devices to upgrade your senses. This upgrade enables the research for the fission of neutrons at the Paul Scherrer Institute and by doing that a continuative cogitation about the origins of all existence. We were looking for a simple image that relates to this problem of perception.

MICHAEL MEIER. It is my name. Born* in the great wide land of the valleys and the mountains of Grison. It was dark. Studied photography at the university of the arts Zürich from 2006-2010, collaboration with RICO since 2008. Now he lives in zurich and of course in New York and Paris and Tokyo and London and at the weekends goes cross-country skiing as a wellness act in Lantsch/Lenz where he grew up with other people.

They gave me the name of RICO SCAGLIOLA, pronounce it Sca-Li-O-La. Born into Zürich’s suburbs on the Easter Sunday of 1985. I later discovered I grew up in a David Lynch film, only brighter. I stood alone but loved everybody. Our neighbours had swimming pools. Studied photography at the university of arts from 2006-2010. There I found big M. Now I’m living in the city, tasting its pleasures.

Put the two together and you have hot photographic projects mainly exploring the idea of pictured identity.

And good news: you still have few days (until 31 December 2010) to watch their exhibition at Nicolas Krupp in Basel

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