Niek Pulles

Fantastic Fatalism, the feeling of coming to an end. Material and trend research for S/S 2010-2011

NIEK PULLES – graduated in 2009 from The Design Academy in Eindhoven – is fast, enthusiastic, colorful and always hunting for something new. He sees himself as an experimental and visual inspirator: a person who wants to help people visualize there ideas by means of film, photography and material experiments.

These moodboards and illustration created for his collection “Fantastic Fatalism” are about the upcoming 2012 apocalypse. Everything leads to the blinding wardrobe of the apocalyptic young woman, who, with irony, couldn’t even leave the day of judgement alone.

For sure, only an all-round creative mind ( film-maker, stylist, designer, artist, VJ, DJ and photographer) like HEYNIEK (his nickname) can only see the end of the world as stimulus to experiment.

Oh, and his handmade and hand dyed leggings are simply delightful. Additionally I’ve read that you can even tell your favorite color and he will make your personal legging!

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