Guillaume Pinard

Wii. courtesy Galerie Anne Barrault

French artist GUILLAUME PINARD is best known for his strange, funny black ballpoint drawings on graph paper, but more recently he has given up the harsh black and white of his ghostly, fidgety figures, the compulsive trace, the immediate pleasure of charcoal, for an obviously free, colourful, physical, studied painting.

Harnessing the filtered language of comics and storyboard animation, GUILLAUME PINARD manipulates the familiarity of recurrent playful characters to comment on the warped and dislocated nature of daily adult life. His darkly funny animations like drawings are sometimes subdued, and other times violent and disturbing, but always rely on a borrowed shared experience.

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  1. […] Exactly a week ago, I published a short post about French artist GUILLAUME PINARD. Definitively not enough! So during the week, I managed to grab a copy of one of his last book “Tomate”: an outrageously and delicious selection of twenty preparatory drawings to oil paintings. […]