Guillaume Pinard. Tomate

Tomate by GUILLAUME PINARD. 20 illustrations, 10 euros. ISBN:978-2-35906-043-0. available in library: February 2011. Published by LIENART éditions for the exhibition “Guillaume Pinard-Tomate” (September-October 2010) at galerie Anne Barrault, Paris (view the exhibition views here) © LIENART éditions © GUILLAUME PINARD

Exactly a week ago, I published a short post about French artist GUILLAUME PINARD. Definitely not enough! So during the last few days, I managed to grab a copy of one of his last book “Tomate”: an outrageously and delicious selection of twenty preparatory drawings to oil paintings.

Whether they are a solar rabbit drinking the brew from a headless body, a proud well-hung horse, a virgin meaning fiercely to remain so, or a vase with balls, GUILLAUME PINARD’s figures reveal his obsession for clarity. His use of the codes of regressive drawing plays on this fixed idea. Accessible forms, simple colours, academic setting. With the subject as with the material, what is to be seen must be accepted, understood at once. Everything must be clear. Nothing must arouse interpretation. A horse with a hard-on is a happy horse, that is all. In the same way, oil painting, excluding apparent outlines – in the sense that it is understood as elborate, refined matter, or its opposite- is an oil painting, because it is in oils, that is all. – by FRANK G. RICHARD

Forget to mention the entire design – typo plus the colorful and simple binding – that I love !

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