Alexander Stewart

Errata, 6’05. 2005 by ALEXANDER STEWART

Take a photocopy machine plus endless reams of paper and you obtain Errata, an experimental film by ALEXANDER STEWART.

Errata is an animation made by photocopying copies of copies. Starting with a blank sheet of paper, each successive copy becomes a frame of animation, meaning that each on-screen image is a copy of the last (approximately 4,600 copies have been used). All movements, pans and zooms in the film were accomplished using standard zoom and shrink features on copy machines; the animation camera used to shoot the copies onto 16mm film was not used to manipulate or direct the film’s motion. 

ALEXANDER STEWART lives in Chicago, Illinois. He completed his MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in May of 2005 through the Art & Technology Department. As an undergraduate at the University of Richmond, he focused on art and American Studies. ALEXANDER teaches animation at DePaul University. Errata was his first film!

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