Sabine Delafon

I’m looking for myself

Ex. 1987-2010. 600 photobooths. view video here

Patrick Delafon + Isabelle Dauphin = Sabine Delafon. 2009

Us. 2010

Search my double. 2005

SABINE DELAFON uses photography as a tool to investigate of time and body, identity and society, taking simultneously the roles of director, operator and actor of her works. Her art mainly consists of “works in progress” – living, breathing projects that combine the real with the make-believe. Each piece of work is a discovery in SABINE‘s life like her unique collection of passport pics entitled “Ex” which she’s used to create a collage revealing the many versions of “Sabine(s) Delafon(es)” or her collection of 170 diaries which literally contain her life to date.

Despite her introspective work, SABINE‘s work does at times involve the lives of others. Other more recent works have included asking people what at first appears to be a simple questionnaire. View more on her website

SABINE DELAFON was born in 1975 in Grenoble. She now lives and works in Turin (Italy), where she participates actively to the cultural and artistic life of the city.

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