Reza Abedini

posters by REZA ABEDINI

Here is a small selection of REZA ABEDINI‘s posters, a powerful figure in contemporary Iranian graphic design.

REZA ABEDINI is an independent graphic designer who mainly works for the cultural sector in Theran (theater, film, reviews, artists). He is also member of the International Graphic Alliance (AGI) and a graphic design teacher at the University of Theran. In 2006, he was awarded by Holland’s Prince Claus Fund.

ABEDINI’s singular style is the result of his competent handling of the Persian script in combination with photography or drawing and the effective use of a reduced but strong range of colours. He is definitively one of those graphic designers who don’t hesitate to redesign and modernize classic fonts of the Arab alphabet:

In Iran, calligraphy is a sacred thing, and not everybody like me touching it. Some people felt that calligraphy should be left to the calligraphers.REZA ABEDINI for IDPURE #23

His designs are more than just communication of information, they also serve to connect different cultures in an unusual and outstanding way.

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