Oliver Laric

Screen shots from Versions (Missile Variations). 2010: airbrush variations of a manipulated Iranian image of rocket launches which was widely faked and ridiculed on the internet

Video artist OLIVER LARIC‘s work is characterised by the manipulation and restructuring of existing broadcast media, using YouTube, webchat programs and graphics programs as both the raw material and also method of display for his work.

Versions 2010 is the latest version of LARIC‘s video documentary that examines the appropriation and re-mediation of cultural images in a process that – whilst defacing the original – creates new versions of a culturally recognizable image. OLIVER LARIC argues that any creative action of destruction, defacement, or modifications (music re-mixes for example) – always produces a new image that is separate, but a peripheral addition to its source.

And good news (at least for me): he will have a solo exhibition at Skulpturhalle in Basel next year. Be ready!

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