Helena Almeida

Estudo para um Enriquecimento Interior. 1977

Sente-me (Feel Me). 1979
Ouve-me. 1979

Desenho habitado. 1975

Seduzir. 2002
Listen to me. 1979

Desenho. 1999

Dentro de Mim. 1998

Portuguese artist HELENA ALMEIDA emerged on to the Portuguese art scene in the early 1960s after having studied painting at the University of Fine Art in Lisbon. Like many of her contemporaries, she embraced the desire to liberate colour into three-dimensional space and began experimenting with ways of breaking with the confines of a canvas.

Over the last forty years ALMEIDA has combined painting, photographic imagery, and drawing to explore intimacy, sensation and the limits of the body. But many of her experiments took the form of private performances, which her husband, the architect ARTUR ROSA, would photograph: “I turn myself into a drawing. My body as a drawing, myself as my own work – that was what I was searching for“- by HELENA ALMEIDA

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