Hanna & Klara Liden

Untitled (Sisters). 2006. Digital C-Print. 30 x 40 inches

HANNA and KLARA LIDEN are sisters. HANNA‘s photographic world explores alternative subcultures with a cinematic eye. And with a massive touch of gothic and supernatural. (Good news: HANNA is exhibiting her work in Zürich at Galerie Gmurzynska until December 20, 2010).

HANNA proposes an architecture of piracy and détournement, a deviation of existing materials and spaces from their normal functions and uses. Her material interventions – frequently accompanied by performative actions – are also a means of de-programming everyday behavior and experience.

Although HANNA and KLARA develop a distinct artistic work, sometimes they work together. As for Untitled (Sisters), the two sisters pose in front of a bulldozer.

ps. This picture is also the exhibition poster of a new exhibition “Fresh Hell” at Palais de Tokyo and also works as the Palais magazine cover.

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