Tobias Zielony

Curfew, LampPost. 2001

Curfew, Campfire. 2001

Palm Trees. 2007

Disco. 2008

Kristina. 2007

Auto. 2008

Quartier Nords, Groupe 7. 2003

TOBIAS ZIELONY is a young photographer based in Berlin. Questions of open and latent violence are the focal point of his work. He is attracted to the fringe areas of urban reality: the banlieues of French metropolises, the cities of Saxony-Anhalt that have gained a reputation as shrinking cities, or the desert city Trona outside Los Angeles.

Even though people are the focus of the pictures, the architecture of the given localities also plays an important role. They are places you feel you have seen before. At the same time, the chosen scenes seem surreal, as if they were abandoned film sets. Now they function as stages on which the young people present themselves. Important is that TOBIAS ZIELONY is less interested in documenting the conditions under which young people live than in the ways that they present themselves to the rest of society.

In contrast to classical documentations, his pictures exceed the boundaries of artistic work. He juxtaposes various genres, such as individual portraits, group pictures, detailed views, landscape and architectural pictures, and action photos, developing a form of narration similar to that found in films.

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