Sylvie Huysman

SYLVIE HUYSMAN for Probe. May 2010

This kind of performances are – normally -not my cup of tea. But Belgian dancer SYLVIE HUYSMAN impresses me. A lot!

SYLVIE studied the effects of gravity on human movement. If asked she can reproduce gravity’s pull on a wall making it seem as if she is slowly falling vertically. The effect is so unnerving and so fundamentally wrong that it makes you feel a little nauseous just looking at it.

A weightless world was my my starting point. As a dancer, to lift off from the floor and maybe not return to it is the summum of a physical dream. This way, a woman with unlimited gravity possibilities was dicovering a claustrophobic room. Which made it very fragile. It was very enriching working together with SUZE MAY SHO. The space, colours, costume, sound… I enjoyed being taken off to a visual world that I would not have created by myself.”

All my apologies for the video and pictures quality!

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