Niels Peeraer

Kizokusyakai no dorei collection. photo by DIRK ALEXANDER

With his third year collection entitled “Kizokusyakai no dorei”  (the title is japanese and means “enslaved by the aristocracy”), NIELS PEERAER won a price from ANNE CHAPELLE (the owner and CEO of Ann Demeulemeester and Haider Ackermann) for most inovative collection and the RA award ((window display & special event).

NIELS PEERAER was born in Belgium. He went to an artschool at age 14 to study fine arts. After graduating there he went to the Fashion Academy Antwerp where he is now starting his master year.

To be honest with you: I love everything!  His androgynous, bordering on feminine, menswear collection, the color, the genderless geisha-draping, the colors and the whole atmosphere!

Keep an eye on this guy!

3 commentaires pour “Niels Peeraer”

  1. Fantastic work, the pictures pull you away from normality

  2. yeah really! Altough he dresses men with corsets, nylon stockings and high heels, they remain men. Very well done! and thank you for your comment

  3. Niels Peeraer just came back from Wolfsburg, Germany (24-26th march 2011). He had to show his collection again.
    I’m his new model, walking for his new collection in June but he asked me if I could do the fashion show in Germany and let me tell you this:
    I LOVE THE COLLECTION. It’s surprisingly comfortable!
    I love the story behind it, I just can’t find the word to express how much I like it.

    Greets, Leonard Santos.